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Every book has a flavour, a taste it leaves in the mouth and a feeling it leaves in the stomach. Do you prefer a sweet romance, a bitter tale of revenge or a meaty murder?

Here at the BookEaters we aim to help you decide how to nourish your mind with our honest reviews – some may chew a book up and spit it out whilst others will savour every delicious bite!

We’ll also whet your appetite with fun lists and teaser articles.

Whether you only nibble politely at the edge of reading or you devour huge chunks of books, you are welcome here. Leave your comments and become part of the BookEating family!

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to The BookEaters!”

  1. Dear Anna Max,

    I read (rather belatedly) your great review of Kate Atkinson’s Life after Life and since my first novel – Cinema Lumiere – contains similar themes, I wondered if you would be up for reviewing it. (It’s about a cinema with one seat where you are shown a film of your life).
    After a career as a music journalist, and in-house writer at Comic Relief, I now write fiction full time, although I also do a weekly blog for the Huffington Post (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/portobello-puff/) on all things bookish.

    If you are interested, I would be delighted to send you an e-book.

    With warm wishes
    Hattie Holden Edmonds

    1. Hi Hattie, I’m sorry I wasn’t the BookEater to review your book – family events overtook me. I hope you are happy with the post about Cinema Lumiere. It has certainly made me want to read it! All the best Anna

  2. I totally love the ‘Parasol Protectorate’ series of books by Gail Carriger! I devoured her books as though they were my favourite chocolate bars!!!! Check them out!

  3. Dear All

    What a wonderful site you’ve created – I just saw your tweet on #wwwblogs! Such a good idea to have several people reviewing on one blog; I support another blog on which the administrator has a book review team. Love the idea because of the varied tastes and opinions.

    I don’t know if you do ‘indie’ books? I saw from some you’ve reviewed that you review those published by indie presses, though mine are self-published. I wonder if perhaps Gem or Mai might be interested in reviewing one of mine: Kings and Queens, it’s a modern day re-telling of the story of Henry VIII and his six wives. I would be delighted to send you an ebook review copy. Here it is on Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kings-And-Queens-Terry-Tyler-ebook/dp/B00JX5ZU30 and I’m @TerryTyler4 on Twitter.

    In any case – thanks for your time in reading this, and keep up the good work!

    Best regards
    Terry Tyler

  4. May 26, 2015
    Dear Book Eaters:
    I’m an active member of the Horror Writers Association with
    my first novel being published by an independent, Larry Czeronka Publishing. INK is a horror novel, coming out at the end of June, co-written with my writing partner, Dale Pitman. As for my background, I’ve been a professional screenwriter up until this point with two films directed by acclaimed horror director Wes Craven. Would you consider looking at an Advanced Review Copy? Here is the blurb:

    His studio has become his refuge and his prison – a place of boundless imagination and lonely isolation. Brian Archer, creator of a series of successful graphic novels about a vengeful supernatural being called “The Highwayman,” has become a recluse after the adoration of a female fan turned to rage and violence.

    But all that changes when he meets a renowned and beautiful illustrator, A.J. Hart, who carries emotional scars of her own. Their work together is fueled by the unrequited passion they share and a mysterious bottle of black ink that arrives one day at Brian’s doorstep.

    The impossibly dark liquid has mystical properties, making their characters appear so real they eventually come to life, reigning terror on those who mean them harm and if not stopped—threatens to unleash an apocalypse on all mankind. Brian must break free of his self-imposed exile and solve the mystery that allowed these terrible creatures into the world.

    Thanks for your consideration.


    Glenn Benest

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