Swallow The Sky – A Space Opera by Chris Mead

imageCarson is a mailman delivering mail from planet to planet 8,000 years after human’s were forced to colonise the universe.

His stop off at Kaimana offers him the chance to explore for more antiques, a sideline that is a much a passion as the chance to make profit. But things start going badly wrong when he wakes up with a dead woman in his bed. It soon becomes clear he is being set up by a wealthy megalomaniac who wants him to steal an ancient cassette tape in return for his freedom. But when he finds the cassette contains the secret location of Earth’s lost treasures, Carson is determined to capture the bounty himself.

This book is pure escapism. Imagine Indiana Jones set in space and you’ll start to get the picture! Actually one thing you won’t have to do much of whilst reading this is imagine – the author built all of these worlds so expertly that you’ll feel like you are right there with Carson on every planet and space ship he’s on.

If I was to be really critical of this I could lament the fact that it has no deep moral meaning or mention that the characters aren’t deeply tortured individuals wringing out every last drop of emotion they have. But to be honest this is a good-time, holiday read sort of novel and it doesn’t need to be high literature. The characters are believable and the good guys have moral centres and are likeable so that’s good snout for me.

A great read, and thoroughly recommended!

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