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This novel is told from the perspective of three characters.

The first is Ben who, as a child, threw another boy off the top of Humber Bridge. We join him as he released from prison and attempts to reintegrate into society.

Second, is the murdered child’s mother who launches a Facebook campaign to help find Ben’s new secret identity.

Third, is Cate Austen who is Ben’s probation officer.

We are also given flashbacks to the day of the crime.

It is an ambitious structure but Dugdall absolutely pulls it off. At no point did I feel confused or frustrated but each chapter had enough unanswered questions and plot-twists to keep me guessing.

I particularly liked the introduction of ‘Silent Friend’. Their means of communication (anonymous messages on Facebook) makes them peculiarly believable and sinister.

The ending is both satisfying and surprising. There is a wonderful twist which, unlike some crime-thrillers, is not forced but flows naturally from the rest of the novel.

Highly recommended.  Five Bites.

Mai Black
I’ve always loved being surrounded by books, running my finger along the spines or sitting back, gazing at all the titles and authors, reliving those wonderful characters and places, often more vivid than real life.

Many of my books are historical or fantastical in nature but I enjoy anything that looks deep into the human psyche.

My favourites are David Gemmells’ Troy Series, The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson.

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