The New Year. Traditionally a time for reflection on the previous year, a time to make the right choices about how to live your life in the year ahead, and a time to make some ridiculous resolutions about cake that are never going to happen!

A lot of people like to use the start of the year as a time to accept challenges- no booze for 3 months, no chocolate in January, walk 30 miles a month etc- usually with the aim of improving themselves in some way.

MArgeHere at The Book Eaters, we are firm believers that reading more is never a bad thing (with the caveat that if you’re reading so much you forget to shower, perhaps you need to cut back a little!)

Luckily there are loads of reading challenges and book lists out there for you to choose from.

I’ve already told you about the Reading to Distraction 2015 challenge- 22 pairs of books, one children’s and one adult- which we Book Eaters are going to try to complete over the course of the year. This is one I’m really looking forward to.

The BBC Big Read Top 100 is not actively a challenge like the one above, and may be out of date for some of you, but it was the biggest survey of reading tastes ever conducted in this country.Stack of Books

It is a good start if you want to expand your reading horizons but without the weightiness of some of the top 100 book lists out there. And speaking of top 100 books lists, BookRiot’s summary post  is a pretty good place to start if you want to try working your way through some of them.

Another pretty cool challenge was completed by Ann Morgan- she read the world! Ann read a book from each of the 196 countries in the world and has reproduced a handy list for you to follow in her literary globe-trotting footsteps.

If you’re the type to prefer a less structured challenge, BookEater Kelly sent me this pin that her friend Lauren had brought to her attention.  And in conjunction with the R2D challenge, I think I’m going to give this a whirl, and would like to invite you all to join me!

Reading Challenge

It’s still fairly structured but with plenty of freedom to customise to your preferences.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve read hundreds of books that could count for numerous categories but for the purposes of this challenge I will only count new-to-me books; rereads don’t count towards the challenge!
I will add all the challenge books to The Book Eater’s Goodreads account so you can follow along there, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

So help me please ladies and gentlemen… what books do you recommend for each criteria?


Rachel Brazil
Although well-known amongst my family for my habit of falling asleep with a book on my face, I’ve not let the constant face bruises deter me from indulging in my favourite pastime. There is no famine, only feast, in my house with every flavour of book available for consumption.

I’m happy to sample almost anything from the smorgasbord of literature available but can always be tempted with a juicy murder mystery or sweet little romance.

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