The BookEaters is the brainchild of Kelly Turner. An avid reader,  she joined a creative writing group and found a room full of other book devotees! After a ‘field trip’ listening to a couple of wonderful authors speak about their journey to publication (and the lack of support for so many authors) she talked to Gem about her long ignored desire to start a literary blog. Three weeks later Gem had built the website and The BookEaters were born!

Find out more about all of us below!

Kelly’s love of reading began at an early age. She is indebted to kellybookeaterher parents for putting “Naughty Amelia Jane” by Enid Blyton in the loft when she was five, forcing her to read something else. At the age of sixteen she picked up her first Discworld novel and never looked back. As well as devouring anything by Terry Pratchett she is also a fan of other fantasy writers such as Neil Gaiman and Ben Aaronovitch. In addition she likes to read historical fiction, and enjoys a love story or two. Follow her on twitter.

Gem was reading before she started school and has no plans to stop Gembookeaternow! In fact she usually has at least three books on the go at once!   She likes reading all kinds of books from historical fiction through to science fiction but is happiest  when reading novels based in reality that flick open the doors to the mysteries of the heart or of the spirit. Read about Five Books That Changed Her Life and follow her on twitter.

Rachel is well-known amongst her family for her habit of falling asleep photowith a book on her face, but she won’t let the constant face bruises deter her from indulging in her favourite pastime!

There is no famine, only feast, in her house with every flavour of book available for consumption. She’s happy to sample almost anything from the smorgasbord of literature available but can always be tempted with a juicy murder mystery or sweet little romance.  Follow her on twitter.

Tamara was the only girl and youngest of four children. She grew up in a BookEaterTamarahome stuffed with books and now, some fifty years later, great piles of them still appear in every room she inhabits. She won’t waste time reading books that leave her feeling sour, dirty or depressed; books are a source of light and inspiration in her world. Nevertheless, she loves a book that makes her cry with loss or sadness such as Captain Corelli’s Mandolin or The Book Thief. Bliss is a winter’s afternoon on the sofa, snuggled in with her dogs, stove blazing and an absorbing book.

Bob started reading Sci Fi at around the age of 8 and has never looked BobTooveyback. He was highly influenced by his father’s reading choices at the beginning, but soon branched out to many different authors and Sci Fi genre’s. Early influences include Asimov, Clark, Simak, PKD and other ‘golden age’ authors. On occasion, he likes a good spy book and is currently finding early religious history a fascinating subject – despite being an atheist! Follow him on Twitter

Siam was behind with her reading when she first started school but

SiamBookeatersome extra lessons helped. Then she fell in love with a series of books about unicorns when she was seven and before she could blink she was top of the class for reading!

She still devours every word that comes into sight and enjoys reading fan-fictions on Wattpad as well as published books.  Follow her on twitter

Jeff was born into a Forces family so naturally enjoyed Biggles as a child alongside Enid Blyton.  image
He fell in love with the Librarian at RAF Akrotiri and read and read so that he could see her every day. The book that he read there that had the greatest impact on him  was Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 –  set on an American airbase on a small island in the Mediterranean, and filled with military incompetence with black humour.  He could never take service life seriously again.
He usually has three books on the go at any one time. Kindle, Audio and a proper book. His favourite genres are military memoirs and thrillers but being compulsive he reads anything.

Charlotte’s love of reading began when she was very young, and Charlottequickly took over her life. On trips to Brighton, her nearest town, her family would see her start walking faster at the sight of the major bookshop in the centre. She has lived in many places since including London and Rio and still insists of visiting the bookshops as soon as possible. Charlotte normally heads straight for literary and historical fiction to get her pile going, then picks out the quality thrillers, and if she has time to spare she will browse the biography and travel writing shelves. When she isn’t spending time with books or books-in-progress in one way or another, she works in the public sector and crafts.

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