We love reading as you’ve probably gathered. So we are happy to accept books from authors and publishers for us to review.

We read all manner of things, but you can see each of our specialities on our About The Book Eaters page. We have two teenagers reviewing for us and most of us are kids at heart so Young Adult books are a particular speciality.

Please do feel free to request a particular reviewer, we will do our best to accommodate you.  Our reviews are always honest and we rate each book out of 5.

We try to get reviews up within two months of receiving a book, but obviously this is dependent on how many books we have to get through at the time! At the moment traditionally published books are likely to get reviewed in that timescale or sooner, Indie’s might have to wait a little longer. In fact, due to the large number of requests for reviews from self or independently published authors we changed our blogging schedule and allocated every Sunday as Indie Book Day. However even though we have done this we are still swamped and currently have reviews booked in all the way to the end of 2015!

We share our reviews online through twitter and our facebook page and we know that they have influenced people to buy books.

Before sending us a review request, please make sure you have either liked our facebook page or followed us on twitter so you can easily share our review through your networks too. For Indie authors this is particularly important, you need to market your book so don’t be shy and shout about our reviews!

If you’d like one of us to review your book please email thebookeaters8@gmail.com

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  1. C. J. Anaya

    Hey there,
    I noticed that you guys are fans of young adult fiction, and I have taken the time to follow you on your social media links. I thought my young adult novel, The Healer, might be something you would enjoy. I can offer you a PDF copy should you decide that this book is a good fit for you. I don’t have any particular time frame or deadline. I realize that as reviewers you most likely receive many requests and your lists are fairly long. Whenever you can get to it…if you wish to get to it…would be great. I have attached the cover of my book so you can get an idea of what the protagonist looks like. Here is a synopsis of The Healer.

    A girl, a prophecy and two warring gods equals destiny!

    Seventeen-year-old Hope Fairmont longs for a normal teenage life, but with a gift like hers, normal equals healing illnesses and injuries instantly. Keeping a secret like that isn’t easy, but a small town is the perfect place for her to heal those who can’t heal themselves, and an even better place for her father, James Fairmont, to hide his daughter from the rest of the world.

    Life takes an unexpected turn when two handsome strangers move into town and begin unearthing other secrets concerning Hope’s future and past, revealing to Hope that her gift for healing may be the fulfillment of an ancient, Japanese prophecy gone wrong.

    Staying away from these mysterious newcomers would be the smart thing to do, but Victor’s gentle, easy manner, and Tie’s mixed signals and strange mood swings draw her hopelessly closer to revealing the secret she and her father have been so desperate to hide.

    Hope’s life is complicated further with visions of a previous life and the arrival of an unknown enemy sent to assassinate her before she learns what she is truly capable of.

    With the support of her father, the fiery loyalty of her best friend Angie, and the child-like love of Kirby, a ten-year-old patient, Hope must fight against the forces of a relentless demon god while unwinding the tangled pieces of her past, proving to herself and those she loves that destiny isn’t determined by some cosmic reading of the stars, but by the individual choices one makes.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to consider my novel.
    C. J. Anaya

    Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KPI7HX0
    Read the first chapter here. http://www.wattpad.com/story/17997848-the-healer

    Review Links for The Healer

    1. Kelly Turner
      Kelly Turner

      Hi there, your book sounds really interesting, and something that a few of us book eaters would be interested in. A PDF copy would be fantastic. Our email address is thebookeaters8@gmail.com. As you say, we do have a lot of requests, so can’t let you know when we will be able to publish a review, but hopefully it will be in the next 2-3 months. Hope this is ok!
      Best wishes

  2. Laura Monagan

    Hello, Book Eaters,

    I few months back, I finished writing my first novel, and when my daughter, an avowed feminist, was done reading it, the first comment she made to me was, “It passes the Bechdel Test.” I had no idea what she meant, but she explained, and what followed was a long, satisfying conversation about the book’s characters, male, female, and transgender, and how they interact and converse with one another in the story.

    I would be pleased to submit the book for review as thebookeaters.co.uk is one of the few review sites I have come across where the Bechdel Test (whose bar is, by the way, set rather low!) is discussed.

    If you are interested, please take a “look inside” at:


    Thank you for taking an interest in independent authors and for your ongoing discussion of the importance of inclusion in literature.

    All the best,


    1. Kelly Turner
      Kelly Turner

      Thank you so much for getting in touch Laura and thank you for your kind words about the blog. Your book sounds really interesting and we would definitely be up for reviewing it. Would you be able to contact us at thebookeaters8@gmail.com to discuss things further?

  3. Tara

    Hello Book Eaters,

    I have self-published my first book on Amazon/kindle and would really appreciate if you could review it. My book is titled “Heroes and Villains- Pawn in the Game”, it is a fantasy book and first one in a series. As this is my first book, I am looking for reviews to get some feedback and reach out to a wide audience. I believe that you and your peers can help me accomplish that. Here is the synopsis and link to the amazon page:

    Aurora Grimaldi’s life has been about fighting for justice under the ruthless regime of Shadow kingdoms. In a twist of fate, she uncovers a secret organization run by creatures of magic- the Imperium.
    The Imperium is in a crisis. Something has been stolen from them and they will stop at nothing to get it back. The more Aurora gets involved, the deeper she is pulled into a web of lies and deceit. And it doesn’t help when the Shadow kingdoms start interfering.
    With the thief lurking in the shadows, Aurora struggles to find her place in everything that is going on and her choices may just have far more dangerous consequences than she could have imagined.


    The first two and a half chapters are available on the amazon page through “Look Inside” feature for you to check out.

    I sincerely hope that it sparks your interest and you find my book worthy enough to give it a chance.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    1. GemBookEater

      Thank you so much for getting in touch Tara. Your book sounds really interesting and will be put in our next list of indy books for all our reviewers to peruse. Hopefully one of us will grab it and it will then be reviewed on the site. This may take a couple of months as we are inundated with requests. However please could you send all this info through to our email address – bookeaters8@gmail.com – as we keep all our review requests together there and we wouldn’t want to miss this request out accidentally.

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